Pleasure Walking

Der Warren Richtung Folkstone

Why not connect your love for walking in nature with a bit of culture and history? My offer for ‘pleasure walking’ connects the activity of being in the great outdoors with visits of interesting sites.

We can go walking in different areas as part of a round trip in all of Englands South. Walking can therefore be a round trip, a day trip or even a half day trip. All that is valid for the other services is valid for Pleasure Walking – from Kent to Cornwall and Gloucestershire.

Favourite targets for walking are:

  • White Cliffs of Dover: 2-3 Hours (or similar walks along the coast) with probable visit to Dover castle.
  • Walking between the medieval city of Sandwich and the coast and/or the roman fort of Richborough.
  • Along the ‘Pilgrims Way’, ‘Saxon Shore Way’, North- or South Downs Way’ with visits to interesting places along them.
  • Walking in Dartmoor, Mendips, around Stonehenge and many many more places.

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